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Pros & Cons of the Top 4 Ecommerce Website builders

From Ecommerce websites design to ease of use, and from professional ecommerce websites templates to customizable options, each ecommerce platform has something to offer. Here, you can find the good and bad of top website builders. This guideline will help you to launch and run your own ecommerce website profitably.


This ecommerce platform works best for WordPress users who would like to acquire a simple ecommerce option. WooCommerce is open source software and is absolutely free. Its ability to power online stores and helping ecommerce websites to be better optimized for SEO makes it stand out from the rest. Moreover, they put no limitations on how to use the ecommerce store. Users have all freedom and control over their data.

However, the biggest con is that it’s only a web store plugin not among the standalone ecommerce platforms. Also, you will choose web hosting provider for your site on your own.


From being popular to offer easiest interface, Shopify is a winner or you can say an ecommerce darling among all top websites builder. Shopify has been meeting the demands of newbies and seasoned business owners alike by granting them a robust one-stop-shop. Contrast to WooCommerce, ecommerce solution Shopify is not a plugin but a standalone Ecommerce solutions provider. Shopify is widely known for its amazing customer care services. It works great for small business owners who don’t want to spend lot of money on their new venture. Even newbies can try platform services for a 14-days trial period.

Since no platform is perfect, the biggest disadvantage of Shopify is lack of flexibility and control over your site. Plus, from various payment options, if you don’t opt for Shopify payment specifically then on each transaction you will pay additional fees.


Among the top websites builder, BigCommerce works well for those big online ventures that are looking for quick growth and want their sites to be SEO optimized. This platform is better known for its ability to spike growth rate of ecommerce businesses. Even, there are some brands that saw their growth rate to become twice more after joining the platform. Apart from being SEO-friendly, it offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited products with competitive pricing.


Magento is suitable for both budget-limited owners and Enterprise-level businesses. This open source software makes ever tweak possible. Customization and Scalability are two powerful features that Magento offers to their merchants. However, lack of customer support and absence of hosting services are few of its drawbacks.

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