Narrow Down Your Choices by Doing Ecommerce Platforms Comparison 

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Narrow Down Your Choices by Doing Ecommerce Platforms Comparison 

Should I choose among the best websites builder 2018?

Ecommerce is growing at rapid pace. From a plethora of top websites builder, picking the right platform might be a difficult task for many. However, your decision could be a lot facile if you consider conducting an ecommerce platforms comparison prior finalizing any ecommerce websites builder.

Doing side-by-side comparison is a wiser and safer attempt before you make any kind of purchase. For instance, you are dying to buy a new car. What will you do? Sure, your search will start out by looking at all the main players. You will soon realize that, while one car is more suitable to your particular needs, another car will suit to a different user (whose needs may vary from yours). And, it completely makes sense, doesn’t it? A universally best car doesn’t exist as such. The same theory applies to the top websites builder.

Let’s see on which parameters you should be conducting an e-commerce platforms comparison and which one website builder comes on top:

Stores Powered

You need to look at how many online stores that ecommerce platform has been powering since it came into being. This will give you an idea about potential of each ecommerce website builder.

Comprehensiveness of e-Commerce Tools

Does the ecommerce platform offers as comprehensive e-store tools as it should be? Since, there are many ecommerce websites builder that are often used by non-e-commerce users too. Such as Wix, Weebly&Squarespace are few examples. They are not as well-rounded as Shopify and BigCommerce.

Usually, when you own a clothing line with limited number of items, Wix, Weebly&Squarespace might be better options for you, whereas, if you’re looking to launch an advanced ecommerce store, then you might need Shopify or BigCommerce.


Many of the best free ecommerce websites builder offer free themes to your site. However, for advanced and professional-looking premium themes you might need to pay for it.


A 24/7 support system is a demand of most ecommerce centric businesses. Shopify and BigCommerce are the best customer service providers. However, Wix also offers support via their several channels, but there are few time limitations to phone support. Likewise, Squarespace has a good email response system. They reply within an hour or so, which is amazing.


Therefore, when picking a platform for yourself, focus on things that can mean world to your business.

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