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Impact of Ecommerce Solution Shopify

The option of selling online has many benefits. With so many ecommerce platforms, doing online business has become handy. However, when it comes to select the perfect ecommerce websites builder, the easy road becomes hard. How to choose the best websites builder 2018?

Well, make it all simple by first looking at the features of ecommerce platforms. Read various reviews and perform ecommerce platforms comparison to find out the best websites builder 2018.

Shopify – the most popular ecommerce solution provider and the easiest one, has plenty of impactful features and extensions. Let’s see few of them.

Shopify Pay

An average cart abandonment rate is higher in ecommerce world. More US and Europe shoppers are likely to leave purchases in carts. Reason behind this is the number of forms that buyers are bound to fill when they opt for checkout.

Shopify Pay address such issues. Instead of offering 16 forms to fill out, their criterion is reduced to only 2. With a one-click feature, buyers can easily place their orders with no more complications. This helps to reduce cart abandonment to some extent.

Shopify helps find new customers

Being a retailer, you can never stop looking for customers. Whether they are old or new, customers grow your business. With Shopify sales channels, you can access to those that you were never able to reach. For instance, kik is a popular free messaging app, and Wish is another platform with huge volume of active users. Such apps grab shopper’s attention by targeting directly based on niche.

Shopify improved discounts

Every shopper wishes to avail discounts and promo codes. Yet, they are hassle to manage. But, with Shopify discounted area, you can handle them better. Shopify ecommerce solution makes it all easier by offering more freedom and flexibility in how you oversee such discounts.

In-Game Purchasing

This feature doesn’t enable buying of in-game items. Rather, it will allow gamers to buy branded items. Still, it is in developing stage.

Marketing Events API

A successful marketing campaign requires a skilful marketer, and no marketer is unaware about how valuable big data is. The more knowledge you have, easier it is to make tough decisions required for a marketing campaign. Shopify marketing events API allow ecommerce merchants to track marketing events.


Lastly, one thing is certain that ecommerce retailers now have more chances to enhance their brand’s revenue than ever before.

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