Do You Want To Save Cash? Here Are 4 Website Builders for You

Everyone loves having a wooing website that stands out from the crowd.  You desire to appear unique and attract a large following. Unfortunately, you may not be a coding expert or a developer. Also, your budgets might not allow you to hire one. When this is the reality, e-commerce website builders become the preferable option. These builders provide you with a web editor. The editor contains essential features, and your task is to drag and drop.  Hence, as long as you can operate a computer or a mobile device, developing a website becomes an easy task. Some website builders are free while others offer affordable plans. This article will focus on the top most affordable e-commerce website builders to help you save your cash. Here they are:


Whether you are a startup with a shoestring budget or a newbie looking to set up your first online store, Wix is a good option. This website builder offers two options for you to choose from. If you are starting from scratch without any dime, you can go for the freemium. This plan provides you with a chance to go online without paying any money. It is a preferable option for newbies starting off their online journey.
However, for an established business, the freemium is a bad idea. The option offers limited bandwidth and disk space. Hence, you cannot upload large files which will injure your marketing affairs. Also, you do not have the independence to build your brand online. For this reason, you can opt for the paid option. This option has an array of features and templates which enhances your online presence. The paid plan starts at $10 per month.
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If the price is your concern, Shopify can sound like a perfect choice. Shopify is the kingmaker in the e-commerce sphere. It is a newbie friendly option. The platform enables you to sell on different channels at an affordable cost. With only $9 per month, you can establish your Facebook store. Also, the platform enhances your ability to capture the mobile-based customers. Here, you can choose your perfect template from an array of more than 100 themes.
Shopify prioritizes on the security of your online store information and those of your customers. It is PCI compliant. Also, it comes with high-security features. Hence, you can be certain that your chances of becoming a cybercrime victim are minimal. In addition, you can enhance your site for the search engine. Also, you have an opportunity to try the platform for free for 14 days. You can use this period to test whether this is the right choice for your business. If you are selling on-demand products, you can use the time to garner cash to pay your first subscription. Thus, if you are a small or upcoming webpreneur, Shopify is a suitable option.
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Squarespace- personal plan

Squarespace is another icon in the provision of newbie friendly e-commerce website builders. In particular, the personal plan is designed for a client with limited resources. This plan offers a choice for paying month by month fees of $16 or the annual option of $144. Upon this, you get access to a drag-and-drop editor. This editor contains essential features for building your site without any struggle. Also, you can use your domain name. Apart from this, you have unlimited bandwidth and storage space. These features ensure that you can upload any file regardless of its size. As you know, customer support is a core factor in the online arena. Squarespace provides you 24/7 customer support meaning at no time will your site be unavailable due to a technical issue. Hence, it is reliable and affordable e-commerce website builder
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